This contents of this FAQ form part of the Rules & Regulations that govern the tenancies between the Lessor and the Tenant.

habitelle has a very simple booking request process that is all online.
Have a look at our amazing homes and choose the one that suits you the best. Check that the location works for you (all our habitelle properties have excellent public transport links and some even have secure parking for bicycles, motorbikes and cars) and look for available dates.

Remember, you will only be sharing with other females and we use our matcHER compatibility software so that you can share wonderful experiences with other tenants with similar interests and backgrounds.

It’s so easy to make a reservation request with habitelle. It’s all online so its quick and simple.

Just fill out a few details about yourself in the form we will send you and we will send you a booking confirmation acceptance email with a link to make the payment.

Once we receive your payment, your booking is confirmed, and we await you in the great city of Barcelona!

  1. Visit www.habitelle.com and choose the habitelle you wish to stay in.
  2. Request the dates that you are looking to stay for.
  3. You must state if you are employed, if you are a freelancer or if you are a university student.
  4. You must also provide your ID number for EU citizens and passport number if you are a non-EU citizen. You must state the country of issue of your ID card or passport.
  5. You must provide your full permanent address and your mobile phone number.
  6. You must state if you are responsible for paying your rent or if someone will be guaranteeing your rent (for example a family member).
  7. Provide information to our tenant check partners Quota Rent (see 4. Below)
  8. Pay for your habiPak
  9. Send your booking deposit
  10. And your booking is completed!

You will need to send us a copy of your identity card (European) or passport (non-European) and:

If you are a full-time employee:

  • Your employment contract
  • Your pay slips for the last 3 months (nominas)
  • Contact person and their email at your place of work who can confirm your employment


If you work as a freelancer:
If you work as a freelancer, you will need to send us:

  • Evidence of your work as a freelancer (contracts signed with 3rd parties that demonstrate you providing work/services to them). These contracts must be within the previous 3 months to your move in date
  • Bank statements for the previous 3 months that shows regular income from your freelance work
  • For all bookings up to 3 months, payment in advance is required


If you are a student or intern:

  • A copy of your acceptance letter or enrolment document from your university/school or a copy of your internship
  • Contact person and their email at your university who can confirm your enrolment or your internship
  • You will also be asked to confirm who will be paying the deposit and monthly rent.
  • We may require upfront payment for the full stay on booking confirmation.
  • We may require that you provide a Guarantor for your rent payment obligations


Finally, you will need to complete a form with all your personal and stay information. You will also need to read and accept our Regulations and Terms and Conditions.

In some circumstances it may be necessary to undertake a tenant check. This has not cost for tenants.

We do ask tenants to provide any information requested by our partner Quota Rent, who undertake the checks for us.

The quicker you provide the information requested, the quicker we can approve your booking.

The single rental price includes:

  • A superbly fully furnished and equipped private bedroom and great shared spaces in the apartment and in the building common areas
  • Our rental prices are all inclusive. Peace of mind for HER!
  • 24/7 helpHER hotline – when you a helping hand for emergencies
  • Unlimited super-fast free 1GB Wi-Fi
  • Rent includes maximum of €50/month of utilities. In summer months a/c supplement deposit applies
  • All taxes and expenses included
  • Complimentary laundry facilities in habitELLE
  • Cleaning of habitELLE apartment common areas on a weekly basis
  • All maintenance and facility management services
  • For all habitelle units, there is a habitelle app that as tenant you can download and use to report incidences in the apartment, take advantage of special offers and services only available to the building tenants including habitelle tenants and lots more advantages and helpful tips.


Our co-living manager is available for any questions or help.

You will need to make a booking guarantee payment deposit in order to confirm your reservation which is:

  • For stays up to 3 months, the security deposit is equal to 1 month’s rent
  • For stays between 3 and 6 months, the security deposit is equal to 1.5 month’s rent
  • For stays between 6 and 12 months, the security deposit is equal to 2 month’s rent
  • You will also need to purchase the habipak


We will return the security deposit subject to the Terms and Condition of the rental contract, within 30 days of your departure and once we have checked that there were no damages in your room or the apartment and that you have followed and abided by all the Rules and Regulations during your stay.

For stays during the months May to October, we will return the unused portion of your utility a/c supplement once we have received the actual meter readings for the period of your stay. This can take up to 120 days in some cases.

The security deposit cannot be used to pay the final month’s rent payment nor can it be used or offset for any other purpose such as fines etc..

We know that sometimes it can be quite an effort to pay deposits as well as your rent. That is why we have teamed up with Quota Rent.

When Quota Rent contacts you for a tenant check, ask them about the Zero Deposit option available when staying at habitelle.

In order to make your booking, you will need to select and pay for the habiPak rental service pack and, depending on the dates of your stay make a summer supplement utility deposit as follows:

  • May eur 50
  • June eur 75
  • July eur 75
  • August eur 75
  • September eur 75
  • October eur 50


This summer supplement is payable in advance based on the period of your booking.

We will return the unused portion of your utility a/c supplement once we have received the actual meter readings for the period of your stay. This can take up to 120 days in some cases.
The habiPak costs eur 275 (incl. IVA) and includes the following:

  • The rental contract
  • 2 sets of bed linen, sheets, duvet set, pillows, towels and one very fluffy bathrobe (property of habitelle)
  • Registration Procedure*.
  • Support with the appointment “Cita Previa para el NIE o TIE” **
  • Membership of our exclusive SWITCH (habitelle room exchange tool - ask for details)

* Empadronamiento. When you arrive, our team will guide you on the process and will provide you with the documents you need to obtain your Empadronamiento. To obtain your Empadronamiento for your selected habitelle property, you must have booked for at least 3 months or more.

You will need the Empadronamiento to access public services, to request a TIE or NIE and to open a bank account. Given the very long waiting lists to get appointments, it is recommended to request the Empadronamiento as soon as possible.

** NIE/TIE: habitelle works with a specialist company that offers various packages to help you get your NIE or TIE. Should you require help in getting your NIE or TIE, please make this request when you confirm your booking and we will ask the specialist company to contact you to start the process.

habiPak ‘add-ons’ (coming soon!)
You can add any of the following add-on services when you make and pay for your booking confirmation:

  • Rental of secured room wall safe for your own room: eur 10/month
  • Rental of additional furniture and equipment for your room and apartment
  • Weekly or bi-weekly cleaning of your own room: eur 20/single clean
  • Personal items home insurance (subject to insurer approval)
  • ½ day (3 hours) helpHER city orientation tour: eur 60

At habitelle we really care about the environment, and we want our habitelle guests to care too!

That is why there is a monthly limit of consumption of eur 50 included in your monthly rent which covers your consumption of water, electricity, hot water and gas (where applicable). This utility amount of eur 50/month excludes the use of air conditioning (a/c) during the months from May to October.

A summer month a/c supplement deposit is payable at the moment of booking and is applicable for the corresponding summer months of your stay. We will return the unused portion of your utility a/c supplement once we have received the actual meter readings for the period of your stay. This can take up to 120 days in some cases.

The utility allowance is a monthly amount and is included in the rent you pay, and is pro-ratered for the number of days you occupy your room in the apartment.

When you booking request is accepted, you will need to confirm your booking by paying the deposit and the habipak.

Payment method:

  • Bank transfer: we will provide you with the bank account details of habitelle. Remember that we require that the full amount is transferred to our account so remember to make sure that you tick the box that says that you are responsible for all bank transfer costs when you make the transfer.

The options to pay your rent and additional costs are as follows:

Rental contracts - up to 3 months long

For rental contracts up to 3 months in duration, the total amount of rent must be paid in advance and in addition to the habipak and any summer utility supplement deposits. Any rental payment paid by the Tenant in advance for the whole period of the stay is strictly non-fundable in the event of a booking cancellation.

Advance Payment

Any rental payment paid by the Tenant in advance for the whole period of the stay is strictly non-fundable in the event of a booking cancellation.

Advance payment – 12 months

For bookings of at least 12 months which are paid in advance, we will apply a 5% discount to the total rent amount. This is only applicable to the rent amount and not utilities or any other add on costs. Any rental payment paid by the Tenant in advance for the whole period of the stay is strictly non-fundable in the event of a booking cancellation.

First month's rent payment/Advance rent payment

At the moment of signing the rental contract (online), you must make payment of the first month’s rent by bank transfer.

  • Bank transfer: We will provide you with the bank account details of habitelle. Remember that we require the full amount to be transferred to our bank account, so please remember to tick the box that the transfer fees are for your account when making the transfer.


Monthly rent payments

  • For stays that are longer than 3 months and that are not paid in advance, rent payments must be made by Direct Debit from a Spanish or EU bank account or from Revolut
  • Direct debit (SEPA): You must sign a Direct Debit form that expressly authorizes habitelle to debit your bank account with invoices relating to the rent for your stay, including where contracted, Additional Services, and any penalties or fines which will be identified as such in the Direct Debit form signed and delivered to habitelle at the beginning of the tenancy. The Direct Debit form must be signed on signing the Tenancy/Rental Agreement. In the case of their being a guarantor, you must provide us with the details of the guarantor to be included in the rental agreement.

You will need to sign the rental agreement before you move in. This is done online via Signaturit.

Remember that the first month’s rent (or the full rental amount for stays up to 3 months) needs to have already been transferred to our bank account before you are provided with the keys to the apartment and your room.

In case of the cancellation of a booking, penalizations will be applied:

  • Cancellations of reservations confirmed at least 90 days before the established start date of the contract, will be penalized with a payment of 50% of the deposit and the cost of the habiPak selected. In the event that in the next 12 months you decide to make a new reservation with habitelle, we will discount the habiPak cost.
  • Cancellations of reservations confirmed during the 90 days prior to the established date of the beginning of the contract, will be penalized with the full payment of the deposit and the cost of the selected habiPak. In the event that in the next 12 months you decide to make a new reservation with habitelle we will discount the habiPak.
  • You can modify the dates of your current reservation up to 30 days before your arrival without any penalty so long as the total length and rental value of the stay remain unmodified. If the modified dates and value of the rental agreement are less than was originally booked, then the penalty will be the full payment of the deposit and the cost of the selected habiPak and habitelle will have the right to not accept any modification if there is no availability in the property.
  • For exceptional force majeure situations, habitelle may waive some or all of the penalties on a case-by-case basis, at its sole discretion.

Policy of modifications and cancellations of contracts after your arrival:

You can reduce/cancel your rental agreement according to the following terms:

  • For contracts of 1 to 3 months: The rent is paid in advance, so cancellations are not allowed, and the rent paid is not returned.
  • For contracts of 3 to 6 months: minimum 2 months' notice and a fine of 1 month's rent.
  • For contracts of 6 to 12 months: minimum 3 months' notice and a fine of 2 months' rent.
  • The Security Deposit cannot be used to pay the rental penalty.
  • The reduction/cancellation of the contract will entail the corresponding penalty and we will return the deposit in its entirety (according to final review (inventory) and consumption of expenses) and we will eliminate future payments. To confirm the modification of the contract, it is necessary to pay the fine and sign the early termination document within 24 hours of receiving said document through Signaturit or another means of online signatures. The end date of a cancelled contract must always be the last day of the month taking into account the above notice periods, unless we agree otherwise in writing.
  • For the payment of the fine or any other outstanding payments, the Lessee authorizes the Lessor to charge the corresponding fine(s) in his bank account by SEPA/CORE direct debit already signed.


You can extend your rental contract as long as the requested room is available at an extra cost of €100 (single payment per extension). You can make as many extensions as you want as long as we have availability. Should the published rent for the room that you rented, increase between the initial rental contract start date and the new requested extension, the rent for the extension shall be the new published rent.

The extension will only be effective when the payment of the fee has been made and the document annexed to the corresponding contract has been signed.

In the event that a booking was made based on the discounted rate for arrival and departure dates (see 15. below), it is not possible to extend your stay by moving the departure date to suit the discounted rate already booked.

The rate to be applied to any extension shall be the daily rate of eur 40/night or the monthly rate plus the eur 100 extension fee. Any extensions are subject to availability and at the sole discretion of habitelle, and may entail a change of room, room type and apartment (same building).

You can change rooms during your rental contract as long as the requested room is available at an extra cost of €100 (single payment per request). The change will only be effective once the payment of the corresponding fee has been made and the document annexed to the corresponding contract has been signed.

  • Standard check in time is 09.00h to 19.00h. Rooms are made available only from 15.00h onwards.
  • Tenants arriving earlier than the room availability time may leave their bags in the apartment prior to the keys of their room being made available. If leaving bags in the common areas of the apartment, tenants do so at their own risk and habitelle does not take responsibility for any loss or damage.
  • Early check ins (from 08.00h to 09.00h) and late check ins (from 19.00h to 21.00h) arrivals and weekend arrivals will have an extra cost of 50 €.
  • The last day of your rental contract, you will need to leave your bedroom before 10.00h. In case you need to stay longer, just let us know.
  • Arrivals after 21.00h are not permitted.


Arrivals will be scheduled through by email to you. If you have any questions, you can always contact us by email or phone.

It is necessary and very important that you send us your arrival information at least one month in advance so that our team can organize everything.

Remember that you must make all your payments before your check in order to receive the keys to your apartment and room.

Departures must also be confirmed one month in advance.

Failure to confirm departures within the one-month deadline will result in the forfeiture of the booking deposit.

If you arrive:

  • Between the 1st and the 12th day of each month, you will need to pay the complete month.
  • Between the 12th or the 20th day of each month, we will discount you 10% of your rent for the first month.
  • The 20th of the month or later, you will pay per day. The price per night is 40€/person.

If you leave:

  • Between the 1st and the 12th day of each month, you will pay per day. The Price per night is 40€/person
  • Between the 12th and the 20th day of each month, we will discount you 10% of your rent for the last month.
  • The 20th of the month or later, you will need to pay the complete month.


The utility allowance of eur 50 per month and is not subject to any reduction as a result of arriving after the 1st of the month or departing before last day of the month.
You can do all your payments online using the links we will provide you by email bank transfer.

In case you pay by bank transfer or similar the amount of the payment must be exact, and the transfer costs must be assumed by the applicant. Transfer should indicate the name and last name of the tenant.

The minimum stay is 3 months, and the maximum stay is 12 months. For stays shorter than 3 months but of at least 1 month will be considered subject to availability. You can always extend/renew your rental contract in case you want to keep enjoying and incredible life experience.

The inventory list is included in your rental contract. On the day you check in, please check that everything is as per the inventory list. Should you wish to make an observation about the inventory, this must be done by email or via the habitelle app within 24 hours of your arrival.

All our apartments accept the registration (empadronamiento) of all its Tenants.

The requirement to be able to do the registration is that the rental contract is for at least 3 months.

These 3 minimum months of stay in case of registration, are mandatory and cannot be reduced in any case.

The registration process is carried out by the habitelle and is included in the service pack, so you do not have to pay any extra cost.

Request your registration as soon as possible so our team has enough time to request the appointment and once the registration is done, we will notify you so that you can pick it up at the office.

The registration date can never be prior to the starting date of the rental contract.

Our inaugural habitelle is in the Montjuic area of Barcelona. We are growing and working to have new habitelles in new areas coming soon.

Next to all our habitelle coliving homes you will find public transport like metro and bus, shops, supermarkets, bars and restaurants, schools, big companies and much more.

We offer apartments from 4 to 9 bedrooms. All our habitelle homes are fully furnished and equipped with everything you will need during your stay. You will find a bedroom with a comfortable bed, bed table or shelve, a working area with desk, chair and desk light, closet and heating system (and in some homes there is also a/c). Every bedroom is special to us, and you will find extras in each one. You can check them on our website.

All our apartments have a kitchen that is completely equipped, a comfortable living area with sofas and big tables to enjoy your stay with your flatmates and at least, one complete bathroom with shower or bathtub. On average we have two bathrooms per 4 bedrooms, but this can change depending on the property. Please check each property to see the bathroom ratio per number of tenants.

Each apartment is as unique as you are, and you will find different extra commodities in each one, check all information about each home on our website.

In some habitelle properties, we also provide separate storage areas for personal belongings, bikes etc… This is free of charge.

Yes, our double rooms can have two single beds and may be shared by two friends (only Sants Montjuic). We do not accept couples.

You must be 18 years old to apply for a bedroom with us.

Unfortunately, we do not accept couples or families.

Yes, you can have visits during the daily hours (09:00 to 22:00h). You will always be responsible of the behaviour of your visitors and the damages that they can cause. If you wish to invite a male guest, you must ask your fellow habiteller flatmates if they are ok with having a male visitor (male guests are forbidden from staying the night).

  • You can have one guest per month who can sleep in your room for a maximum of 3 consecutive nights at no cost, always with prior authorization from the habitelle team via email to [email protected].
  • They can stay for free but must pay a daily utilities fee of 5 euros which will be offset by the full cost of the apartment's utilities.
  • This must be paid by bank transfer before the guest's arrival.
  • Guest may stay an additional 4 consecutive nights (total up to 7 nights) subject to roommates’ approval and habitelle email approval.
  • The extra night rate is 30 EUR/night, in addition to the daily charges of 5 EUR.
  • This must be requested via email prior to the guest's arrival and paid for in advance.
  • There is an inflatable bed, a duvet and a pillow included in the price and available in each apartment.
  • Each tenant already has two sets of sheets and towels, so she can use one set for the guest during her stay.
  • Guest nights are strictly limited to women.
  • Since the bathrooms are shared, only one guest can stay per apartment at a time. Tenants must obtain the agreement of all their roommates and roommates before requesting a stay.
  • Having guests in the apartment without permission or authorization from habitelle will result in a penalty of €100 per night per guest.

No problem. We have live guided virtual tours of the apartment and building amenities. The guided tour is in English and Spanish. You can arrange a day and time that suits you best.

You can always send questions to our Angela, our Reservations Manager, at [email protected] or bo[email protected] and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

In order to protect the privacy of the existing tenants, we only undertake live guided virtual tours of the actual apartments and the rooms. You may of course visit the building and its amenities at any point of time that you choose. The guided virtual live tours are conducted in Spanish, French, Italian or English. If you wish to organize a personal guided virtual tour, please schedule by emailing [email protected] or [email protected].

Depending on the property, there may be parking available for cars, motorbikes, and bicycles. Ask if parking is available at your selected property and ask for prices.

Parking for cars and motorcycles is on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be guaranteed for all apartment occupants

Habitelle is an exclusively female only living environment. In all our apartments you will share with masters students, young professionals, digital nomads, freelancer, generally between the ages of 20 and 35 years old, from all over the world and with a profile very similar to yours.

If you want more specific information about who your habitelle co-livers will be, do not hesitate to ask our Bookings Manager at any time and she will provide you with non-confidential information so that you can get an idea of who your next partners will be.

You can write to us at [email protected] or [email protected].

Of course, you can change your room or apartment as many times as you want to any of our habitelle properties.

The fee for changing the room is €100 and will always depend on whether the room is available.



In certain circumstances, habitelle may require the tenant to change a room or to another room on another floor, but always in the same building. This could occur in one or more of the following circumstances:

  • That the number of occupied rooms in an apartment does not reach an occupancy of 50% of the total number of rooms in the apartment.
  • That the apartment needs urgent repairs and/or maintenance
  • For health and safety reasons
  • Due to disruptive behaviour and/or incompatibility of one the Tenants at the request of her co-tenants of the same apartment or at the direction of the Landlord.

Depending on the property, you may either use the habitelle app and/or contact your habitelle Co-living Manager and a maintenance team will come to the apartment to fix any issues. The only thing we will need from you is a detailed explanation of what the incident is and photographs in which you identify yourself as best as possible. This will help us to better identify the type of incident and solve it as soon as possible.

Despite we are sure that you will collaborate taking out the trash daily, using the dishwasher, that you will have your bedroom very neat and will keep all common areas clean and tidy after using them, there is a weekly cleaning service of the common areas included on your monthly bill. In case you need it, we have extra cleaning services for your private bedroom, just ask us. We will check the tidiness and cleanliness of your room from time to time. We will always check with you before we do.

Keeping tidy and clean the apartment you are living in is your priority. Whist we provide weekly cleaning of the common areas and bathrooms, it is your responsibility and duty to maintain and keep clean the following:

All shower, bathtub, wash basin and bidet drain outlets must be kept permanently clear of hair. Please make sure that hair does not collect and block the drains. Should a blockage occur due to hair clogging the drains, we will pass on the charge of the plumber to the tenants occupying the apartment at the point of time of the drain blockage

  • The kitchen oven, stove and microwave must be kept clean and free of grease and dirt. Should we find that they are not being kept clean, we shall proceed to clean them, and the cost of the cleaning will be passed onto to the tenants occupying the apartment
  • The dishwasher must be kept clean and kept filled with dishwasher salt. Should we find that it is not being kept clean, we shall proceed to clean it, and the cost of the cleaning will be passed onto to the tenants occupying the apartment
  • The washing machine must be kept clean and the detergent trays clean and without hardened detergent residue. Should we find that it is not being kept clean, we shall proceed to clean it, and the cost of the cleaning will be passed onto to the tenants occupying the apartment

habitelle will notify you the tenant a week before by email that the date of your departure is approaching. On the day of departure and at the established time, which must always be before 10 a.m., an inspection of the room will be made to verify that the room is returned in the same conditions as it was at the time of the tenant's entry. (According to the photos of the inventory and the list of the inventory itself, both of the room itself and of the common areas (furniture, equipment, etc.). The tenant is obliged to do the following:

  • Hand over your room in the same state of cleanliness that was delivered to you at the time of your entry. If the room is not returned in the same state of cleanliness at the time of entry, there will be a charge of eur 50 for cleaning said room.
  • Leave the 2 sets of sheets, pillow cases and towels and the bathrobe, folded and visible on top of the bed.
  • Leave the pillow, the main blanket and the small blanket folded on top of the drawers.

habitelle is not a hotel or a hostel where you will live with travelers who come and go daily. Living in a co-living habitelle means living in a community, sharing a life experience with people from all over the world who settle in Barcelona for a period of time to carry out their daily lives.

Of course, if you choose to stay in a shared room but you don't have anyone to share this experience with, we will find the perfect partner that best suits you. Of course, in a habitelle this will always mean another female roommate.

The habitelle team is available in person and online. In person, you can visit the offices in calle Muntaner 328, 4-2, 08021 Barcelona from 10.00h to 18.00h. Please book an appointment by email at [email protected] or Whatsapp.

The personal security of our habitelle Tenants is paramount for us. Should you find yourself in a difficult situation where you believe your personal security is at risk or should you have any other concerns regarding your personal safety, we provide each of our Tenants with a Hotline number to use in the event of emergency. The habitelle hotline is available from 09.00h to 00.00h.

The Rules and Regulations/Frequently Asked Questions form an integral part of this Rental Agreement.

From time to time habitelle updates its Rules & Regulations/FAQ. These updated Rules & Regulations/FAQ will be notified to you either by email and/or when you access your desktop on the habitelle app and you agree to these Rules and Regulations being updated from time to time by signing the Tenancy Agreement, the Rules and Regulation and the FAQ.

Habitelle for companies

Habitelle for owners and investors

Thank you for contacting habitelle regarding your property that you are interested in habitelle managing for you. Please complete the below form and we will get back to you promptly!

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