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¡Estás en el lugar adecuado! En habitELLE, nos encargamos de alquilar tu vivienda, liberándote de preocupaciones y brindando un cuidado integral a tus propiedades.

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Coliving is more than just a place to live. For our residents, it represents an unparalleled level of comfort: access to fully equipped flats and all essential services.

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Maximise the use of space by renting individual rooms.

We offer flexible rental options to minimise risk.

By having multiple tenants, the risk of non-payment is reduced.

By sharing common spaces, maintenance costs are reduced.

Coliving is popular with young people, professionals and students, which increases demand.

Enjoy an active and supportive community.

We adapt the space to the changing needs of the tenants.

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Live our unique home experience!

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