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of rooms in colivings

Safety, Comfort and Community

habitELLE Coliving

Sants Montjuic

Habitelle Sants Montjuïc
Paseo Zona Franca
4 bedroom apartments
Prices from €785/month

Asprela *

R. Manuel Pachecho De Miranda
Individual studios
Prices from 650€/month

Sarria Sant Gervasi

Habitelle Sarria Sant Gervasi
Muntaner Street
Apartamento de 4 habitaciones dobles
con baños privados

Precios desde 1200€/mes
Lista de espera abierta!!
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Eixample Esquerra

Habitelle Eixample
Carrer Balmes
5 rooms Apartment
Prices from €725/month

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Sarria Sant Gervasi I

HabitELLE Sarria Sant Gervasi I
Carrer Muntaner
Apartamento de 4 double bedrooms
y 1 habitación individual
Precios desde 875€/mes


Sarria Sant Gervasi II

HabitELLE Sarria Sant Gervasi II
Carrer Muntaner
Apartamento de 4 double bedrooms
y 1 habitación individual
Precios desde 875€/mes



Sants Montjuic

HabitELLE Sants Montjuic
Paseo Zona Franca
4 bedroom apartments
Prices from €785/month

Sarria Sant Gervasi Galvany

Habitelle Sarria Sant Gervasi Galvany
Carrer Prats de Molló 6, Barcelona
Apartamento de 3 habitaciones dobles
Precios desde 1.200€/mes

Our Coliving´s in Barcelona

HabitELLE a coliving created for women, designed by and for THEM. The apartments and rooms are designed and furnished with HER in mind. We offer shared flats (coliving) with an 'all included' model, which means that the cost of renting the room also includes expenses (up to €50).

Si necesitas un servicio o suministro adicional, ¡solicítalo sin complicaciones! HabitELLE ofrece a las mujeres un entorno para vivir basado en: seguridad, facilidad y comunidad.

Included services:

Private bedrooms

Private and individual bedrooms and according to your budget. With the option of a double bedroom to share with a friend or relative!

Fully furnished

Todos los apartamentos de habitELLE vienen totalmente amueblados. ¡Puedes empezar tu vida en tu nuevo hogar con todo ya pensado!

Weekly cleaning

We have a weekly cleaning of the common spaces and bathrooms of the apartments. In addition, you can request a cleaning of your own bedroom.


All apartments have a washing machine and in certain cases also a dryer.


All inclusive

When you rent in habitELLE, in your rent is all included. There are no surprises.

Superfast WIFI

All our facilities have a good WIFI signal that allows you to work without interruptions. Well, who says to work, also says to watch Netflix.

No Incidents

We know that from time to time incidents may occur in the apartment. All our tenants (habitellers) have a building app (depending on the building) and/or a chat to notify them.


When you rent in habitELLE, no estás solo alquilando un espacio para vivir. HabitELLE es una comunidad de mujeres y eso es lo que hace única y diferente la vida en un habitELLE .

24/7 assistance

Ella's safety is our priority. That is why you have an emergency assistance network when you live in a habitationELLE .

Enjoy Coliving in Barcelona

The coliving was born inspired by coworking. It is a housing system that prioritizes shared spaces and the common use of certain services. In this way, it is intended to promote the exchange of experiences between residents and an optimization of resources. 

El coliving atrae especialmente a la llamada generación Y o millennials, además, su poder adquisitivo suele ser más bajo que el de la generación anterior, tanto por la edad como por el constante deterioro del mercado laboral y las condiciones de trabajo, por lo que el coliving puede ser una oportunidad para ahorrar y poder emanciparse antes.

Contact us and share your needs. 

Our team will guide you so that you can assess all the accommodation options that we can offer you.

Flexibility: They do not force the tenant to stay in the home for long periods of time.
Comfort: The rent includes home insurance and some services associated with the stay.
Value your privacy: with habitELLE , tenants are not subject to the limitations of shared hosting.
Greater savings: than a rental to use. If we include the rental price and the services received in the monthly fee, coliving means savings for those who use it.
Community: Living in a community is a good way to combat the loneliness that more and more people in large organizations suffer.

Contact Us, tell us who you are and what is the reason for your stay in Barcelona and what you need. One of our specialists will help you through the entire process.

Talking to our habitellers

Looking for a room?

Find a unique life experience!

comfort and safety

All Habitelle properties are verified and secure, offering the highest quality service and security to female tenants.

easy management

All Habitelle properties are verified and secure, offering the highest quality service and security to female tenants.

All inclusive rentals

Furnished rooms with services included in the monthly rental price.
Pay a fixed price monthly and enjoy your life experience without other worries


Enjoy a new living experience offered by a city-wide community.
Share moments, experiences and life.

Everything counts

Live our unique home experience!

Habitelle for companies

Habitelle for owners and investors

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